Hats back in style for men?

January 5, 2009 (CHICAGO) Some men never wear hats. They say they just don't look good in them or they mess up their hair.

Others claim putting on a topper just isn't cool.

But now, look around and you'll probably see lots of guys in fedoras and quality caps.

Men have probably been wearing some sort of hat or cap since cave man days. They keep you warm in the cold and sometimes they even look pretty good. So they are combination of sensible and fashionable.

I don't know if it was my imagination or what. But it seemed to me that more and more men are wearing hats these days. Now, Im not talking baseball caps. I'm talking hats and caps. Well, it wasn't my imagination: sales are way up.

"We're up probably about twenty five percent this year from last year. So it's very good compared to what I'm hearing from other places," said Martin Mann, owner, Hats Plus Limited on Irving Park near Cicero.

Hats Plus Limited have about 30,000 hats in this place ranging in price from a few bucks to the high hundreds. And right now they are seeing a big surge in quality hats.

"If you watch movies and TV shows you'll see celebrities wearing them and people want to emulate celebrities," said Tod Canon, manager Hats Plus Limited.

"Really it makes me feel sophisticated, distinguished. My father used to wear hats all the time in the sixties and seventies," said Craig Berryhill, hat lover.

There are hats and caps for every image you'd like to project. They even have Elmer Fudd hats and newsboy caps. Let your hat say who you are.

"It kind of takes me back to the olden times," said Kevin Glowicki, hat lover. "The real days, the twenty and thirties."

And for twenties and thirties below zero wind chill: the anti fashion statements.

"I think that on certain days it really doesn't matter how you look," said Mann.

So cover up. It'll be a feather in your cap.

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