More snow expected overnight

Evening rush won't be affected
January 9, 2009 2:59:08 PM PST
From one to five inches fell on the city and suburbs overnight and more snow is coming.This evening's rush won't be affected. But Mike Caplan's forecasts up to another four inches overnight.

Heavy accumulations are expected in the north suburbs.

How about a quick early morning snowball fight? The snow wasn't very good for packing but it made for a good time in Rolling Meadows as these kids waited for the school bus. The north and northwest suburbs were pounded today by several inches of snow. Lake Forest was among the hardest hit suburbs with about 5 inches.

"It's only January," said Marcy Petterson. "I don't know if I can handle it."

Lake Forest residents say the crews did a good job. By early Friday afternoon, most of the main arteries were moving along. Of course, it helped that the snow let up.

"Actually they've plowed them pretty quickly. I don't have a problem," said Joanie Reynolds.

"Everything seems to be cleared," said Chris Reynolds.

Many North Shore residents and store owners were armed with snow blowers on Friday. But some, including Bill Edgar, shoveled his entire driveway by hand. It took him about 45 minutes.

"Spending time indoors in the gym trying to get in shape for platform tennis. This is a good workout. Just moved up from Florida. It's a lot of fun," said Edgar.

The side streets aren't as clear as the main arteries but residents aren't complaining. They're just hoping it doesn't get too bad later tonight.

"They've got them salted down and they're driveable, most areas I've been through. I can handle it," said Will Stokes.

Illinois State Police have implemented the emergency snow plan which means they're asking motorists to avoid the expressways unless absolutely necessary.

Delays were averaging 15 minutes at O'Hare Airport on Friday afternoon. Over 215 flights have been cancelled.