Chicagoans head to D.C.

January 19, 2009 10:01:57 AM PST
Trains, buses and planes from Chicago are packed with people headed to Washington D.C. to witness the historic inauguration of Barack Obama. A convoy of 10 buses left for Washington Monday just after midnight. The convoy was organized by Congressman Danny Davis. The West Side lawmaker was decked out in his Obama gear for the trip.

"Might as well, man. I have an Obama sweatshirt, Obama jacket, Obama cap, Obama map, Obama everything. So it's Obamaville," said Rep. Danny Davis, (D) Chicago.

Besides providing buses for the historic inaugural, Davis also gave away hundreds of tickets to an inaugural ball from his congressional district.

"Really looked up and said this is the last phase of it. There is no way we'll miss this," said Pat Conway, Obama twin.

Identical twins Pat and Pam Conway call themselves the Obama twins. Besides taking their ball gowns to Washington, they will each be taking pictures of their father who taught them the importance of voting.

"We never dreamed this would happen, either. In our lifetime either," said Pam Conway, Obama twin.

Thousand of school children from the Chicago area will also be in Washington for the inauguration.

Members of King High School's marching band will participate in the inaugural parade.

Dozens of other local elementary and high school students are also in Washington after they wrote a prize winning essay.

Twenty public school children are going to the inauguration after their stories were selected for a book about Obama.

Parents, who want to be part of history, are also bringing their children with them to the capitol.