Michelle Obama's dress a hit

January 21, 2009 4:47:20 PM PST
It was the talk of the town in Washington and here in Chicago.First Lady Michelle Obama is apparently a hit with fashion critics.

Her surprise choice of gown from a Brooklyn designer for the inaugural ball is getting some rave reviews.

"The dress that she wore in the evening was beautiful," said Ashley Doty from Printer's Row.

"She has a pretty good sense of creativity when it comes to her wardrobe selection," said Jason Cheeks from the South Side.

The buzz around town is all about Obama -- Michelle Obama, that is -- and her fashion pick for inauguration night.

The new first lady dazzled the crowds in a sparkling, floor length gown embellished with fluffy appliqués and detailed beading. The 26-year-old American designer, Jason Wu, says he was as surprised as anyone to see her in the dress.

"I found out along with the rest of the world so to me, I was glued to the TV as with everybody else. This is a historic moment and to be able to be a part of history as a designer, I couldn't ask for any more," said Wu.

Fashion design students at the School of the Art Institute, for the most part, gave the look an A+.

"I liked her ball gown that she wore in the evening because it was classic but it had that modern touch," said Alex Ulithny, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

"With the one strap it made me think of the pageant strap and part of it was like she was Miss America in the fact that she was the first lady," said Cheryl Pope, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

There was one criticism we heard from a few people. Since Mrs. Obama is in such great shape, some would've like to see her show it off in something a bit more form-fitting.