Tokyo: Olympics would have eyeballs, advertisers

February 3, 2009 10:18:58 AM PST
Tokyo is taking a big shot at Chicago's ability to deliver an audience for the 2016 Summer Olympics.Leaders of the Japanese city's bid said Tuesday television coverage of a Tokyo games might draw the largest prime-time viewing audience in history because of the growing affluence and population of the Asian world.

Chicago's bid team has long promoted America's ability to draw a huge television audience and maximum revenue from sponsorship dollars. It's considered a key component of Chicago's bid.

"Hosting the Games on the world's finest stage creates the best environment for inspirational performances and heroic achievements," Tokyo 2016 Deputy Director Hidetoshi Maki said to members of a global conference. "These accomplishments, and the way people all around the world identify with them, is, I believe, the basis of the sport business, and where opportunities lie."

Chicago, Tokyo, Rio and Madrid are competing to host the 2016 Summer Olympics. Each city is in the final stages of completing their formal plans for hosting the Games. The "bid books" as they're called are due to the International Olympic Committee by February 12.