Parents voice concerns over alleged assault

February 9, 2009 8:48:50 PM PST
Parents voiced concern on Monday night at a packed school board meeting in Aurora over an alleged incident where two boys are charged with sexually assaulting another student last year.The father of that student told the board on Monday night other children are at danger of being attacked as well.

The parents are asking the board to take immediate action against the students accused in the attack.

The students attend Gregory Middle School in Naperville.

Authorities have said the alleged attack happened off campus. School officials say that's why they can not take action.

"Unless there is a connection between conduct which occurs off campus and direct administration of the school building we don't have jurisdiction to impose our discipline for things that happen in the community away from school," said Jack Canna, attorney, Indian Prairie School District 204.

School officials do say they are taking steps to ensure a safe school environment for all students.