Wig saves woman from bullet

February 20, 2009 3:01:07 PM PST
A Missouri woman says her life was saved by a wig woven into her hair.Briana Bonds was sitting in a convenience store parking lot in Kansas City on Wednesday night when her ex-boyfriend approached her car. He told her still loved her but she said she did not return his feelings.

Then the woman claims her rejected lover pulled out a gun and started shooting. One bullet shattered the windshield.

"And one of them hit the back of my head, and luckily it didn't go through because the back of my weave, my wig cap stopped it and it was hanging in my hair," said Bonds.

Police officers who arrested the boyfriend agree that the weave stopped the slug and saved the woman's life.

Bonds says she won't be giving up her wig any time soon.