Cash from your closet

February 27, 2009 10:18:32 AM PST
With spring, just around the corner, we hope, it may be time to clear out your closet. You may want to get rid of clothes that you no longer wear, don't appeal to you or just don't fit. You may also have a few "why did I ever buy that" with the sales tags still attached. Before you head for the trash, with a little effort, you might find some treasure in your closet. Some of your garments could be candidates for re-sale, while others qualify for the rummage sale. Corri McFadden, founder of Edrop-off Express can help you sort things out.Re-Sale Tips

  • Sell in-season ( don't bring your sweaters to a consignment shop in Summer, as it won't have the same appeal as it would in-season)
  • Make sure all garments that are brought in for re-sale are stain free, tear free and in good shape ? otherwise donate to charity
  • Use as much detail as possible, and be sure to include crucial clothing measurements (especially if you altered the garment). One line's size 6 is another line's size 8. And don't cop descriptions from a manufacturer's website. It's illegal.
  • If items are never worn with tags they will tend to sell for more, unless of course if it is truly vintage and then all bets are off ? can go for way more if there is a demand As for electronics, stick to items made in the past three years. In other words, don't bother trying to sell that bright orange iMac G3 from college; the people want flat-screens. Organizations such as Connections for Abused Women and their Children (773-489-9081), however, will be more than happy to receive your old cell phones as long as they still work.
  • If you're selling designer, make sure it's Marc Jacobs, not Mark Jacobs. Due diligence when it comes to verifying authenticity of an item is a must. If you have a receipt, provide it to the re-seller. If it's something like a vintage Prada frock, research online to make sure your item bears all the signs of an original.
  • Dollars and Cents

  • The commission fee is about 40-50% for resellers in general. On Edrop-off Express, Corri's fees are 38% up to $1,000 and 28% for everything after.
  • When being bring items in to resale you do not have as much exposure as listing it on EBay. The only exposure is the foot traffic that comes in. EBay is exposed to the world via the internet and chances to make more money are better.
  • Pricing: have an idea of what your minimum will be for an item, so your research in advance. Corri can elaborate on this.
  • Tips For Selling On eBay

  • Always make sure your item is Genuine and Authentic, Know the source of where your item came from, if you have the original receipt black out your personal info and include a copy?will lead to a higher selling price!
  • Take clear photos of every angle and any important details, show what you would want to see if purchasing the item. Use a white sheet as the backdrop; don't have any other distractions in the photos.
  • Include all important details when writing your descriptions like measurements, specifications, and special features.
  • Always make sure you write your own description and take your own photos, don't ever copy from another eBay listing or manufacturer website!
  • Tips For Closet Cleaning

  • Clean your closet in phases, don't try to do it all in one day and overwhelm yourself Make your closet season appropriate, If it is Winter remove all your summer clothing, accessories, and shoes from the closet and store in under the bed bins, this way your closet is cleaned and organized with things you can actually wear and when you pull your items back out when the seasons change they will have a fresh and new look since they have been out of sight.
  • Don't hold onto things?If you haven't worn it in the last 6 month, it no longer fits, or is out of style: GET RID OF IT! Keep a bag in your closet, if you try on something and know you will never wear it again drop it in the bag, each month drop your goods off at Edrop-off Express, a resale store or Charity, out of sight out of mind. This will keep you a current wardrobe that is actually wearable.

    If you don't want to tackle the internet yourself and there are no re-sale shops near you, you might want to try service such as Edrop-Off Express. Edrop-off Express, officially sanctioned by eBay as a PowerSeller with Platinum status, is your one-stop-drop eBay store located in Chicago's Lincoln Park. You bring in your items including designer clothing, jewelry, fashion accessories, and collectibles and we do the rest. Edrop-off Express service includes researching your product, taking professional photographs, writing detailed descriptions along with easy processing and shipping.

    Edrop-off Express has over 20,000 successful transactions and recently sold a Hermes Birkin Handbag for $9200, a Guiliana Teso Women's Full Length Sable Coat for $6900, a YSL Brown Ostrich Muse Handbag for $2600, a Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Keepall for $1982, and a Roland Mouret Galaxy Dress for $1525.

  • Edrop-off Express sales exceeded $1 million in 2007.
  • Edrop-off Express is one of eBay's top luxury & designer sellers with over 400 new items listed and sold each week.
  • The Edrop-off Express model is very client friendly. Customers bring in their items and Edrop-off Express does the rest, including researching your product, taking professional photos, writing detailed descriptions, processing and shipping.
  • Edrop-off Express offers free local pick-up (Chicago and the North Shore.) Edrop-off Express offers free UPS pick-up nationwide.
  • Edrop-off Express' Fee structure is 38% on the first $1000 and 28% on the remaining amount over $1000. There are no upfront costs and Edrop-off Express fees are strictly commission based. If items do not sell you owe Edrop-off Express nothing.
  • Edrop-off Express offers Extreme Closet Clean out. We take your designer goods out of retirement and help scrutinize your wardrobe. We help you organize what you wear and get rid of what you don't.
  • Edrop-off Express was founded by Corri McFadden in 2004.

    For more information, visit the Edrop-Off Express at 2468 N Clark St, Chicago, IL 60614; call (773) 525-7467 or visit


    Corri McFadden, 26, is the Founder of Edrop-off Express, Chicago's premier one-stop-drop eBay store. Chic, driven and always in high spirits, McFadden morphed selling things on eBay for extra money into a successful business venture. McFadden saw the opportunity years ago and combined her intense passion for fashion with a great business plan and outside funding. Her hard work has paid off handsomely.

    Achieving eBay's PowerSeller chart topping Platinum status, with over 20,000 successful transactions, McFadden now caters to well heeled woman around the world selling consignment luxury apparel and accessories from the best closets in America. McFadden's entrepreneurial spirit guides her as she follows her vision and recreates the designer consignment landscape. Her fresh take on a classic idea has earned her accolades from her peers and also features in Entrepreneur magazine and eBay's German Magazine.

    McFadden's business model allows customers to drop off their designer clothing, shoes, fashion accessories, jewelry and more. Free local and nationwide pick-up is also available. From there, the customer just waits for a check. McFadden does the rest, maximizing the value of the goods through researching the product, taking professional photos, writing detailed descriptions and auctioning at the most appropriate times. As an additional service Edrop-off Express offers an Extreme Closet Clean Out based on the premise that value in obsolete clothing can be unlocked.

    McFadden currently resides in the Gold Coast of Chicago. She graduated in 2004 from the International Academy of Design and Technology with a Bachelor in Fashion Design. McFadden opened Edrop-off Express immediately after graduation and recently celebrated four years in business.