Acid attack suspects appear in court

February 27, 2009 2:27:29 PM PST
The teenaged suspects in an acid attack that occurred on the Northwest Side last summer appeared in court Friday.Three teens have been charged in connection with the attack. The 16-year-old girl who was expected to plead guilty in connection with the attack did not Friday. Instead, her attorney asked for a continuance and was granted one. The two other teens charged managed to plead to lesser charges. Prosecutors hope they will testify against the adult that investigators say masterminded the attack.

The teens were all charged with armed robbery and heinous battery in connection with the July 28, 2008 attack.

Police say the attack was caught on video surveillance and was the mastermind of a Cicero woman. Investigators say the woman targeted the victim because she believed the woman was seeing her ex-husband. Prosecutors say she enlisted the help of two other women. Police say the two other women drove the teens to the victim's neighborhood to commit the assault, which included having acid thrown in the woman's face and stealing her purse.

While the state paints the 16-year-old and other teens as participants, the 16-year-old's attorney says his client is a victim, too.

"I believe that when you have adults and children and the adults are manipulating innocent children into doing horrible things, it is a very sad situation," said attorney Gal Bissetzky. "In a couple weeks, hopefully we'll get her back home to her home and resolve this matter."

The attack left the victim with 25 percent burns from the acid, as well as with compromised eyesight in one eye.

The women who were accused of masterminding the attack remained in custody Friday.