Custodians rally for better jobs

March 1, 2009 8:26:36 PM PST
Hundreds of union members held a rally Sunday to call on banks to use federal bailout money to help create jobs.Janitors from the Service Employees International union gathered at the Chicago Theatre. They begin contract negotiations this month, and members say they're hoping they can get a deal that protects good jobs and strengthens the economy.

The group was joined by a number of elected officials as they marched to federal plaza.

One custodian said that, right now, he's worried about providing for his family and what kind of future his daughter will have.

"Now, rather than getting ahead, I feel like I've been falling behind. It keeps getting harder and harder to make ends meet because everything seems to be going up except for my paycheck," said Edward Washington.

"We fight for a fair contract, and we fight for making sure that the recovery is a recovery of the middle class," 22nd Ward Ald. Ricardo Munoz said.

Congressman Danny Davis also attended the rally and said organized labor played a significant role in creating the middle class.