Chicago police boss releases list of officers

March 6, 2009 8:23:52 PM PST
Chicago's top cop followed a judge's order on Friday and turned over a list of officers who've been the subject of complaints by the public.The judge had held Jody Weis in contempt of court for refusing to do so earlier. Weis says he still thinks releasing that list is a mistake.

But a woman who claims an officer beat up her children claims otherwise.

Superintendent Weis still plans to appear in court Monday. And when he does, a woman named Donna Moore says she'll be in the courtroom. She is the woman who filed a lawsuit that started all this. It claims an off-duty detective beat her son and daughter in 2007.

On Friday, Donna Moore reacted to Weis' decision.

"There is no sense of vindication," said Moore.

Although it's a legal victory for Donna Moore, she says Weis is releasing the so called repeaters list of officers for the wrong reason.

"He didn't do it in good faith, in good will. He did it in order to keep from going to jail," said Moore.

And that's what Weis was facing after a federal judge ruled two days ago that he was in contempt of court for failing to release the list.

On Friday, Weis explained his about-face.

"It was not my intent to undermine or disrespect the court's authority. But my concern as superintendent has to be for the men and women of the Chicago Police Department," said Superintendent Jody Weis, Chicago Police Department.

Weis argued that releasing the list to Moore's attorneys would affect officers' morale and their decisions in life and death circumstances.

And Chicago Police Union President Mark Donahue added that most complaints end up being tossed out so a leaked list could hurt innocent officers.

"This action is going to expose a lot of good officers to unnecessary potential ridicule from family and friends and anyone who gets ahold of the information," said Donohue.

So now, Moore plans to continue the legal fight, on behalf of her two children. And her attorney, Flint Taylor of the People's Law Office, wants the court to punish Weis Monday.

"There has to be consequences on the city and on the superintendent for putting us, the court system, and the plaintiff through these changes in order to, in fact, at the end capitulate," said Taylor.

And Flint Taylor says his office already has the list. It includes officers accused of excessive force and those who have five or more complaints filed against them.

Legally, the list must stay in the attorneys' hands as this civil case moves forward.