Extreme weather sweeps Chicago area

March 10, 2009 9:10:47 PM PDT
The rains have ended, but a major drop in temperatures could turn all that water into ice and make the morning commute a mess for some.But the worst of it may still be ahead for some of us especially if you have to drive Wednesday morning.

Standing water on the interstates is expected to freeze overnight.

"I really do love this place. But it's getting kind of exhausting," said Martina Hooper, flood victim.

Martina Hooper's garage on Big Bend Road in Des Plaines has become a flooding landmark, it's always the first to go under.

"I don't think it's going to go to the house, but garage and basement real issue because we are real close to the river," said Hooper.

And by Wednesday morning, her garage will feature a new giant skating rink.

With temperatures predicted to plunge overnight, the Village of Des Plaines, which seems to have dodged a bullet this time, is warning motorists to watch out for black ice.

"Just be careful. Anything that may look wet, be careful as temperature drops during course of the night," said Chief Jim Pardini, Des Plaines Police.

Throw in a high wind advisory, with gusts up to 50 miles an hour, and State Police are concerned we'll see another messy morning winter rush hour with cars slipping and sliding all over.

Illinois Department of Transportation will have crews salting the interstates overnight and strongly urges commuters to take public transportation on Wednesday.

But if you must drive, police say be prepared.

" We'll have some crashes in the morning. But we're just concerned about the motorists' safety and that they leave in enough time to get where they're going to," said Sgt. Tony Ostrowski, Illinois State Police.

Also, allow yourself extra time on Wednesday morning. And IDOT says be especially careful when driving on ramps, overpasses and bridges because they are always the first to freeze.