Pub boasts of Ireland imports

January 8, 2010 8:39:16 AM PST
With the parades this weekend and St. Patrick's Day next Tuesday, ABC7's Hungry Hound visits an Irish pub in Ravenswood.Nearly everything at O'Shaughnessy's Public House-- from the recipes to the chairs and bar-- is imported from Ireland.

Unlike other bars that turn Irish around St. Patrick's Day by serving green beer and shepherd's pie, O'Shaughnessy's gets it right.

The recipes are straight from the Irish countryside; Good food combines with the right atmosphere, proper pint and a full room of hospitality. It's like walking into a pub in Dublin.

"Well, initially I thought we could have a healthy option to the hearty Irish food and to be honest, most people want the hearty Irish food," said Liz Finan, of O'Shaughnessy's.

Giant filets of cod are battered and fried, served over a staggering mound of homemade "chips." Meat-and-potato fans will really go for the shepherd's pie: a crock of ground beef and vegetables is blanketed with soft, mashed potatoes, as well as a handful of grated cheese. Under a broiler for just a minute or two, the result is a savory contrast of flavor and texture.

With filling dishes like those, it's crucial that the menu does contain lighter options.

"There are people that want the healthy option and the salads are really good, and they're big so you could eat it instead of a meal," said Finan.

Another good bet would be the mussels - steamed in a little Guinness, of course - and served plump and juicy.

Beers obviously take a front seat there-- from the standards, like Guinness and Carlsberg to the lesser known Irish ciders. Finan says they tried to capture the feeling of Dublin, but clearly, the smoke-free environment combined with a welcoming, family-atmosphere, have made the pub a destination for the neighborhood.

"And I think it helps that we've never had smokers in here. I think it's the people that make the pub; so welcoming people and making them feel at home I think makes us unique," Finan said.

One other Irish destination worth noting in the suburbs is R.C. Mulligan's, on 143rd Street in Orland Park.

O'Shaughnessy's Public House

4557 N. Ravenswood


also mentioned:

R.C. Mulligan's

8801 W. 143rd St., Orland Park