March 22, 2009: Uninsured Health/Widow's List

March 23, 2009 10:13:02 AM PDT
The Family Health Partnership Clinic provides accessible quality health care to the residents of McHenry County, Illinois. Operating with a committed group of volunteer physicians who work alongside a dedicated staff, it serves the uninsured and underinsured population of the county. We'll talk about FHPC and Cover the Uninsured Week March 22-29th. For more info visit

We also learned about the Widow's List, created and hosted by award winning master journalist Sandra Pesmen. The Widow's List aims to provide a platform where "Women in the Widow 'hood" have a voice; and where they can discuss their unique challenges, conflicts, solutions and joys; families, friends, jobs and leisure time. The "Widows' Lists" offer practical and tested places where widows have found answers and trustworthy service providers. Please visit