Funeral for slain CPS student

March 20, 2009 4:37:03 PM PDT
A Chicago teenager was remembered Friday one week after he was killed returning home from a basketball game. Family and friends attended the funeral for Gregory Robinson at a church on the city's South Side. There were so many people Friday an overflow room was set up for the mourners. Among them were dozens of Simeon High School students who took the day off to say goodbye to the boy they now call a hero.

"He was an angel here. He is a guardian angel now. He was a good kid. He had aspirations. He had a lot of things he needed to accomplish. We are gong to accomplish those things for him," said Rhonda Orange-Coenic, victim's aunt.

There was just not enough room to accommodate the hundreds of mourners that showed up at Oakdale Covenant Church. All were trying to give their last respects to a 14-year-old boy who died for no other reason than for attempting to shield two young children from the bullets that rained on the car he travelled in as his family made its way back from a basketball game at Simeon High School last Friday.

"It was very sad. It's just sad seeing someone as young as him...happen like this," said Ashley McGuinnes, Simeon High School student.

"He was so nice. He made people laugh. I just wanted to come here to show my respects," said Latisa Johnson, Simeon High School student.

And it was like that with so many of the mourners. Whether they were close to Greg Robinson or not, something pulled them in Friday.

Marcus Simmons remembers quarterbacking for his brother and Greg when they were younger.

"It's stupid. Already there's a recession. People are trying to make money, trying to survive. Why are we killing each other? And this is a kid. He wasn't a gangbanger. He was a basketball player. He never did anything wrong," said Marcus Simmons, victim's neighbor.

Also among the mourners was Reverend Jesse Jackson. A strong proponent additional gun control laws, Jackson said three things are needed to stem current the wave of violence.

"One, gun checks need to be more stringent. Two, stop access to concealed weapons. And, three, ask President Barack Obama to revive a ban on assault weapons," said Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rainbow-Push Coalition.

Greg was the 29th Chicago Public Schools student to be killed so far this year. And, while Thursday nearly 1,500 Simeon High School students rallied to end the violence, those ABC7 spoke to Friday said they don't believe anything they do will make a difference.

"I don't think it's going to change at all. You know how people say it's not safe to walk down the streets at night? It's not even safe to drive in the car," said Khadijah Porter, victim's classmate.

There were also members of Ceasefire at the funeral. They were there to talk to Greg's friends and some of the younger members of the family to try to stop any thoughts of retaliation before they take can hold.