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April 10, 2009 Toss your cold climate cream for light SPF infused moisturizer

skin effects™ by Dr. Jeffrey Dover Preventing Effects Light Weight Moisturizing Soufflé with SPF 30+ - $15.99 at www.cvs.com.

This lightweight moisturizer is the ultimate multi-tasker- boasting moisturizing, wrinkle fighting and full spectrum UVA/UVB protecting benefits. Created by dermatologist Dr. Jeffrey Dover, Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Yale School of Medicine and author of The Youth Equation: Take 10 Years Off Your Face, the fragrance-free, paraben-free and gentle formula is suited to even the most sensitive skin. Added bonus? It is packed with anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E and Green Tea to repair and firm the skin while natural extracts soothe and calm.

Interesting note: With the CVS/pharmacy Beauty Guarantee, if you're not satisfied, you can bring back any beauty product -- even opened and tried -- for a full refund.

Toss your winter body moisturizer and opt for a lighter lotion

Vaseline Aloe Fresh Protecting Lotion with SPF 15- $5.49 at drugstores

When you slather on a lotion upon stepping out of the shower, may as well choose one that is not only going to instantly hydrate the skin but also leave it with a nice layer of sun protection. This feather-light formula, infused with aloe to naturally soothes the skin, is specifically created to hydrate skin in the warmer months when the thought of a lotion can be daunting. Intended for daily use, the fact that it has an SPF 15 is an added bonus- you would never think something this lightweight could have sun protection power. Men will love it too; the scent is fresh and unisex, and it is a great way to trick them into using SPF.

Toss your old soap for a body wash that makes skin shimmer

Olay Body Wash Plus Tone Enriching Ribbons- $3.99 at drugstores

This is made for skin that is going to be shown off- which as the weather gets warmer, we all kind of get the urge to do. This has an actual ribbon with mineral shimmer- made up of tony pigments which help to diffuse light and give skin the appearance of a more radiant, even sheen.

Toss the rusty razor and save on shave cream for a new smoothing option

Smooth Away Hair Remover- $13 at www.asseenontv.com

A European secret that is starting to make an impression in the US, Smooth Away Hair Remover works by applying the buffing cloth to the skin and brushing away unwanted hair. It exfoliates dead skin cells at the same time revealing smooth healthy skin.

Toss your wintry complexion for a foolproof foundation

Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse- $8.79 at drugstores

This air-whipped liquid makeup is lightweight for warmer weather but still provides the coverage you likely need as your skin comes out of winter hibernation. The weightless texture cushions and smoothes for and blends effortlessly. It won't clog pores- perfect for oily summer skin. "I love this for TV appearances because it has an airbrushed finish to it," Jenn Falik says.

Toss your eye lotions, brighteners and concealers for an all around daily treatment

Olay Pro-X Eye Restoration Complex- $42 at drugstores

Most women have at least 5 eye products in their beauty routine at any given time- the delicate skin in this area is an issue for many- and the surgical procedures for the eyes are the priciest of all. This specialized treatment hydrates to restore the area to optimal appearance by improving the look of dark circles, puffiness, and crow's feet. "Whereas many eye products just do one of these things, this cream achieves all three, bolstered by a hefty infusion of caffeine, peptides and Niacinamide," Jenn Falik says.

Toss your winter chapstick and pamper your pout with peach

L'Occitane Peachy Soft Lip Balm- $12 at www.loccitane.com

Soft orangey-coral lips are on trend for Spring, and this new lip balm is a hydrating (yet light) daily treatment that softens the lips with peach kernel oil and Shea butter, as well as a universally flattering sheer gloss with the perfect hint of color.

Toss your chemical-laden mascara for a new organic option

Physicians Formula Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Mascara- $9.95 at drugstores

The first 100% Natural Origin mascara is designed to enhance your eye's natural beauty with 5x Lash Booster performance. Soft plastic, injection-molded mascara brush coats every lash delivering natural volume, natural length and natural definition and is 100% recyclable. Features 100% Natural Rice Protein which forms a layer around the lashes to naturally boost volume and Organic Orange Water, Organic Beeswax and 100% Natural pigments deliver healthy, nourished and naturally perfected lashes. Also free of synthetic polymers that clump lashes and is 100% free of drying solvents which can cause breakage.

Toss your shadows, liners and shimmer highlighters in favor of one sleek compact

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sand & Sea Eyeshadow Palette- $40 at department stores (You get 6 shadows at just over $6 a pop- with a free eyeliner thrown in)

Insider secret- palettes provide amazing value and this has 6 shadows to create over 40 looks and can also be used as an all over face highlighter. With six super pigmented shadows in this palette, you are getting a great deal- a great opportunity for department store quality at drugstore prices.

"Yes, there are many multi-use shadow palettes out there, but this one has the most amazing and versatile colors I have ever found," Jenn Falik says. "Use it to make hundreds of on-trend lid looks, also, the rich pigmentation of each shadow also makes it so you can blend the golden shades with a balm and make an all over dewy face highlighter. You can also use the blues with the skinny end of the brush that it comes (dip the brush in water) with and create a gorgeous bright blue liner. "

Toss your ragged and germy makeup brushes for a stylish sleek set

Wet 'n' Wild Face Styling Brush Set- $1.99 at drugstores A fabulous quintet of the most needed makeup applicators designed to fit your cosmetic bag or purse, featuring brushes made of soft, natural hair. The Kit Includes:

  • Blush Brush - For applying and blending powder blushes.
  • Lip Brush - For outlining and defining lips.
  • Angle Cut Shadow Brush - For applying contour eyeshadows.
  • Eyeshadow Brush - For precise application of shadow, for sheer or deep coverage.
  • Eyeliner Brush - For smoky, dramatic look, use wet or dry.
  • Toss your nail kit and opt for an all-in-one

    ACE for Men Nail File Pick- $7 at drugstores

    This grooming tool is made for men, but women will be obsessed! A true multi-tasker. It features a 360º scrubbing ring to remove dirt from on the nails, a cleaning pick to eliminate dirt under nails, and a nail file to smooth nails edges all in a little triangle.

    Toss your bad hair day styling products and throw on a chic headband

    Goody Full Bloom Headbands-

    $6.49 at www.Target.com

    These are bad hair day lifesavers-instead of trying to tame unruly hair, put one of these on (tilt the ban close to the forehead for a modern style) and tie the rest of your mane back in a ponytail.

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