Yoga for dogs and their owners

April 19, 2009 (News Release) Dog Yoga, commonly known as "Doga," at Lakeshore provides a great opportunity for dog owners to get to the gym and spend quality time with their canine. It's commonly known that working out relieves stress for humans, but the same can be said for dogs. Offered once per month at the Club, the class involves deep breathing, gentle stretching and slow movements, all of which provides for a mutually beneficial workout. Even if the yoga poses, exercises and other stress-relieving activities aren't of interest, the class gives dogs an ideal place to socialize and run around with fellow companions.

"Paws and Flow: Dog Yoga and Socialization Class" is the brainchild of Club General Manager Roberta Duguid and Group Exercise Manager Becky Solomon both of whom are avid dog lovers. The class, which is led by Becky, has been well attended for over three years and many regulars participate each month.

For more information on "Paws and Flow – Dog Yoga and Socialization Class," contact Becky Solomon at 312-616-9000, or visit

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