Man suspected of stealing, trying to sell dog

Dog reunited with foster owner, waiting for permanent home
April 19, 2009 (CHICAGO) Mona is a foster dog that is waiting for a permanent home. For now, she lives with a woman named Kelly Mead on West Fullerton in Lincoln Park.

Mona was outdoors at about 3:30 Saturday afternoon when someone snatched the pup in broad daylight.

A short time later, one of mead's neighbors spotted a man walking the dog and took action.

"First, she thought he was a dog walker. So, she was watching him. And then, she thought something was strange, and she actually got him to pose for a photo on her cell phone, and then she texted it to me. I immediately called 911," Mead told ABC7 Chicago.

Meade showed the picture around to people in the neighborhood. Eventually, Mona was found at Oz park. A man had reportedly tried to sell the dog.

Police have a man in custody and charges are pending.

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