1 dead in shooting near high school

June 5, 2009 (CHICAGO) Chicago police say the shooting took place around 12:30 p.m. near 49th and Wabash. One person was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition. One died at the scene.

A student dropped off narrowly escaped gunfire.

Police arrived at the DuSable campus after two men were shot. The men had just dropped off the student when they were confronted by a teenager. A woman waiting to pick up her granddaughter witnessed the shooting.

"He clip that gun three times. They did not get out that car until he fixed that gun and shot in that car again and that's when the driver jumped out," said Gladys, witness.

Police say the passenger was killed. The driver was injured as he tried to run into the school.

In the meantime, the suspect took off in a gray or silver four door with a sunroof.

The campus houses two high schools and an elementary school. Students were locked in the building for an hour.

"I heard somebody came to pick us up to take us to graduation and I heard somebody got shot in a car," said Julian McHenry, student.

"We're going to try to stay here, y'all can't go nowhere or anything. We're on lockdown," said Shanique, student.

While no students were injured, a shooting in the middle of the day next to a school is troubling.

"This is not the wild, wild west, this is the middle of Chicago, Illinois. We have to bring some sense of peace back to the streets," said Superintendent Jody Weis, Chicago Police Department.

"We are saddened by every one of these incidents happening," said Ron Huberman, CEO, Chicago Public Schools.

Fear and the pain and the hurt, it's not gone away yet. You know, you're just happy that they're graduating, that they did make it out of course school, but now there are other problems to face. There's just too much violence. Too much," said Gail Johnson, grandparent.

Friday was the last day of school for some of the students on DuSable's campus and parents said that they actually came to make sure their students got home safely even before the incident happened.

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