Diana Ross: THE American Dreamgirl

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July 5, 2009 (WHEELING, Ill.) In his new book, A Lifetime to Get Here: Diana Ross - THE American Dreamgirl (now available through AuthorHouse), author Thomas Adrahtas details the life of Diana Ross and refutes what he says are unfair public portrayals of the infamous Motown diva.

"For years, the image propagated by her detractors has become the public's reality. Diana Ross, goes the story, is a self-absorbed diva, more image than substance as an entertainer, her success the product of unbridled ambition," writes Adrahtas. "A Lifetime to Get Here proves the lie to that image and details her rise from an impoverished neighborhood in Detroit to worldwide success and acclaim, first as the lead singer of the most successful girl group in history, The Supremes, then to an unparalleled solo singing and acting career."

In his book, Adrahtas highlights the rampant sexism and double standards that Ross had to overcome as she pursued her singing career.

"The elements of determination and strength in her personality that were chiefly responsible for her successes are lauded when displayed by a man, but when evinced by a woman, even in the 21st century, are derided, leaving the public with the perception that she is 'difficult,' a temperamental über-diva," he says. "A Lifetime to Get Here recognizes Diana Ross as a strong woman who succeeded against the odds by rightly holding herself and those around her to a high set of standards."

The book is divided into four parts, beginning with her upbringing and years with Motown band The Supremes through their initial struggles to their explosion onto the national scene, internal struggles within the group and jealousy from other Motown groups. Adrahtas then details her successful solo and film career and the significance of her position as a role model for both women and black Americans. Finally, he examines Ross' breakaway from Motown, the harsh public criticisms she endured and her more recent personal struggles.

"This book is the story of a strong, talented woman who had to succeed in a world where every move made is under a microscope," writes Adrahtas. "It is the story of a woman who rose from America's underclass to achieve fame and fortune and gain an iconic status. A Lifetime to Get Here finally gives Diana Ross her much-deserved historical due."

Adrahtas is a lifelong Chicago resident who is currently in his 26th year of coaching ice hockey. His teams have won national championships on four occasions and over 150 of his players have moved on to college hockey. He was also an NJCAA All-American Goalie. Adrahtas enjoys following the Cubs and attending concerts and comedy clubs. He has also written the book, Glenn Hall, The Man They Call Mr. Goalie.

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