Perfect Picnic Salads

July 16, 2009 (CHICAGO) Whether you're going to Ravinia and Grant Park or to your village green or town square, Chef Thomas Rice of the Markethouse in Chicago says forget about sandwiches and chips. Make your picnic basket "sustainable" by packing salads made of fresh, locally grown ingredients.

Chef Thomas says look for products that can be found at the neighborhood farmers market or boutique food stores. The sustainable food movement is an effort to build more locally based, self sufficient food economies, the chef says. Buying locally produced goods is environmentally friendly and cost efficient, not to mention the products are more nutritious and taste better, he adds.

Using "sustainable" ingredients, Chef Thomas has created these picnic-perfect salads for you to enjoy. If you'd like Chef Thomas to cook for you, visit the Markethouse, 611 North Fairbanks Ct., Chicago 60611; Ph. 312.224.2200

Note: Chef Thomas recommends purchasing as many of the products as possible at a local farmers market. If the farmers market does not have the specific product available, most food stores carry all of the necessary ingredients.

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