Alderman warns about scam artist

July 23, 2009 6:14:10 AM PDT
Alderman Ed Smith, 28th Ward, is warning residents of his West Side ward about a con man who's using the alderman's name to raise money. Smith says the suspect has been visiting churches in his community claiming to represent him.

A number of unsuspecting pastors and church members have already given the man money, thinking they were donating to a special program for children in the ward.

"This guy is a rip-off. He really should be in jail because he's a hustler. And he's taking money from people who really need it themselves in my name... and we don't want that," said Smith.

This is not the first time a con artist has used Smith's name to rip off people in his community. The alderman says police arrested someone last year for the same crime.