Blackhawks star apologizes to family, fans

Blackhawks star attends US Olympic camp
August 17, 2009 (WOODBRIDGE, Ill.) He made a public apology saying he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Kane and his cousin landed in jail after a dispute with a cab driver.

A grand jury is expected to decide this week on whether to proceed with the criminal charges and indict the Kanes.

Patrick Kane and his cousin could be brought up on criminal charges or they could be simply downgraded or dismissed all together.

Both Kanes are charged with felony robbery and a misdemeanor. They have pleaded not guilty.

On Monday afternoon, Patrick Kane would not talk specifics about the incident, but said he's sorry about the pain it caused his family.

"Being in handcuffs and them seeing me in handcuffs is something they do not want to see again. It's tough," said Kane.

A subdued Patrick Kane opened up about the alleged ordeal that ended with his arrest. Before he took to the ice for a practice skate at the 2009 U.S. Olympic orientation camp, Kane spoke publically for the first time about the August 9th altercation with a Buffalo New York cabbie that landed him and his cousin in jail.

"Because I put myself in the wrong position in the wrong time I caused my family pain, my hometown, city of Chicago, the Blackhawks and the fans. For that I am sincerely apologize," said Kane.

Kane is among 34 National Hockey League players being considered for a spot on the 23-man roster of the U.S. mens' hockey team that will compete in the 2010 winter Olympics in Vancouver.

"Being at the wrong place or wrong time doesn't affect my judgment of Patrick Kane or his ability to contribute to our team," said Brian Burke, USA Hockey.

Kane, 20, and his 21-year-old cousin, James Kane, were arrested and briefly jailed after 62-year-old cabdriver Jan Radecki accused them of robbing him of the fare they paid him after picking him up. Fellow players say the incident is not a distraction to the quest for the Stanley Cup or a gold medal.

"He's doing what he's got to do you know. He's handling it well. He's got lots of support around," said Dustin Byfuglien, teammate.

Kane is a fan favorite. As the 2008 NHL rookie of the year, the fresh faced 20-year-old had 25 goals and 45 assists last season.

Hockey fans at Monday's practice have mixed reactions to the controversy.

"There's a third side and that's the truth. We need to hear the truth," said Allison DiMaggio Patrick Kane fan.

"I think the fans are disillusioned. They can get past this is they support him. It's just a shame that it had to happen," said Tim Seedon, Blackhawks fan.

Overall, fans at Monday's skate around remain supportive of Patrick Kane. And it showed that when he took the ice.

Kane confirmed that he will be in Buffalo for a hearing on Thursday, one day after the camp closes.

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