Entrepreneurial Ill. couple create Earth Tire Foundation

Entrepreneurial Illinois Couple Create The Earth Tire Foundation: Cleaning Up The Environment and Saving the Planet One Veteran At A Time
August 29, 2009 According to ETF co-founder (along with his wife, Rita), Dr. Mars Lans states, "Our organization is not just about saving the environment, it's about helping the men and women who put it all on the line to preserve the freedom and liberty that we all enjoy, and maybe sometimes take for granted."

Simply put, members of the ETF and their cadre of volunteers around the world are asking businesses and individuals alike to consider alternative uses for worn and damaged tires that do not require the additional extensive energy expenditure of recycling through burning, mulching or shredding. While nearly 70 percent of used tires are recycled, the 30 percent that is not still represents tens of millions of tires that ultimately wind up in all the wrong places such as landfills, roadsides and streams. The Founding artists of the ETF are seeking to train Disabled American Veterans to "re-tire" this bounty of used material into unique art that can also be of commercial value in specialty marketing and advertising venues...such as signage, podiums, customized displays such as rubber pizzas, donuts, fruits, coffee mugs, planters...and, the latest jewel in the line... the patent-pending Earth Tire Motorcycle "Saddle Bag" planter.

Made from one half of a discarded motorcyle tire, the hand-painted tire body with its contrasting tread inlay features a genuine leather front panel with fringes, conchoes, studs, zinc-plated chain and stainless steel hardware. Each piece is entirely hand-assembled, and is numbered, dated and signed by the artist.

So, how does this serve to help our Veterans? The profit from each saddlebag-planter that is sold is used by the ETF to develop an ergonomic creative art/ assembly facility that will accommodate Disabled American Veterans as employees. As Dr. Lans said, "If we can generate enough commercial interest for our displays, from even a handful of national franchises, we can begin to plan our facility that would employ Veterans with different physical and emotional disabilities." And, he continued, "Professionals within the Veterans' Administration, with whom we are currently consulting, as well as numerous agencies servicing our Veterans, have told us that providing creative and stimulating jobs to Vets is the single most positive factor in helping them assimilate back into the private sector." Why Is The Earth Tire Foundation's plan so unique?

The nature of the tasks involved are very artistic and creative, according to Dr. Lans, while also fostering manual dexterity of various skill levels that can be tailored to suit an individual's therapeutic needs...whether physical, emotional or more often than not, a combination of the two. "We are currently designing mobile, modular work stations that can ergonomically accommodate different disabilities and plan to have our workplace become a model of how Disabled American Veterans can be offered a job that is stimulating in a congenial environment, and be treated with the respect and dignity that they deserve," he said.

For more information about how you can become involved in the Earth Tire Foundation movement, to learn how you can help save the environment while contributing to the well-being of our American heroes,.please visit the Earth Tire Foundation website at www.earthtire.org or call 847-849-3315.

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