Mouth-to-mouth saves Boxer

September 24, 2009 (PALATINE, Ill.) ABC7's news partners at "The Daily Herald" spoke to Laurie Kay after she was reunited with Benny the Boxer. During a visit on September 11, his heart quit beating.

Kay is a pet massage therapist at the facility and has trained as an emergency medical technician. She began mouth-to-nose resuscitation then did compressions on his chest. Groomer Donna Stephanek relieved Kay.

The pair worked five minutes to revive Benny before he could be seen by an expert.

"She said if we had not started the CPR within 20 seconds-- I'm going to cry-- we would not have got him back," said Kay.

Benny has a weakening heart muscle that is fairly common in Boxers, to which the animals usually respond well.

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