Security increases at Fenger high school

September 27, 2009 (CHICAGO) At the same time, police say they are interviewing several persons of interest in the case of the beating that claimed Derrion Albert's life.

Some witness say they believe the vicious beating was the culmination of a long-simmering feud between two factions at Fenger high school. That's one reason police are concerned about the possibility of retaliation when students return from the weekend Monday.

"We will have resources in place tomorrow. I can't get into specifics, but we will have extra resources in place to ensure the safety of all students attending school tomorrow," said Chicago police Deputy Chief Joseph Patterson.

Albert's family was expected to be involved in a vigil and march at the school Monday afternoon.

The say the 16-year-old was a good student who had no known enemies. Witnesses report a large group of teens beat Albert, including at least one person who used a two-by-four, outside of the Agape Community Center near the school.

"We want our community back, and whatever means necessary, we're going to have to do it. So, after this, we know the Chicago Public Schools are going to send the crisis prevention team. But after they're gone, we've still go to stand here and fight," said Rev. Victor Grandberry of the Fenger High Local School Council.

Police say they do not have anyone they would call a suspect, but they have been able to identify several people from an amateur video recording of the beating.

"We are still conducting interviews. We're still trying to put some pieces together right now. It's still unfolding at the moment. It's still too early to talk about suspects and things of that nature right now," said Chicago police Commander Eddie Welch.

CPS CEO Ron Huberman was expected to join the increased security personnel on hand when students returned Monday.

School officials said Sunday night they were still ironing out the details of a vigil that was planned for Monday at 1 p.m.

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