Regal mansion on auction block

September 29, 2009 (BURR RIDGE) A very unusual mansion in suburban Burr Ridge is going up for auction. It's called the Villa Taj, but it might be beyond most budgets.

Because of the economy there have been many real estate auctions lately, but none like this one.

In Burr Ridge on County Line Road, the Villa Taj is a 30,000 square foot mansion surrounded by a 15,000 square foot enclosed terrace. It's made of Jerusalem limestone, Italian marble and building materials from South America, Algeria and Spain.

"Everything in this house is imported from somewhere around the world. Many of the doors are from various palaces, from Spain and Morocco and Egypt," said Michael Berland, auctioneer for the Chartwell Group.

Michael Berland will be auctioning off Villa Taj at the Hilton Hotel in Lisle on November 4th.

The mansion was built by a Burr Ridge doctor who is now moving his practice to Florida. He built it but never moved in, and it's absolutely finished except for the furnishings.

"To furnish it? Probably over a million dollars. It's so big," Berland said.

There is a gourmet kitchen, of course, -- it could serve hundreds -- two living rooms with entertainment centers and eight bedroom suites with giant Italian marble showers, hot tubs and all the other extras.

"The master bathroom is part of the 2500 square foot imperial master bedroom suite," Berland said.

Another one of the highlights is the 20-car garage, so when you buy this place you've got plenty of room for all your yard junk, bicycles and golf clubs. You could fill it up and then park outside in the driveway.

What can make your head spin is what a deal the house could be.

"It was listed for $25 million as recently as a month and a half ago prior to my engagement, and now we're taking it to auction on November 4th and start the bidding at $6,265,000."

The house could be yours for just over six million, but they don't take credit cards.

Auction hotline: 877-430-9558

A virtual tour of the Villa Taj can be found here.

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