Neighbors angry after tires slashed

November 1, 2009 (CHICAGO) The tires on more than 20 vehicles were slashed and flattened sometime between overnight. The damage covers more than one block on Marshfield Avenue from Chicago to Walton in East Ukrainian Village.

ABC7 Chicago is told a total of 23 cars were affected. Most of the cars had two of the tires slashed, but on the more expensive cars, all four tires were slashed.

Several residents who live on the streets discovered the damage to their vehicles as they prepared to leave home Sunday morning. They found they weren't about to go anywhere soon, unless they forked over some money for new tire

"It's unexpected. You just come out of your house thinking you're going to have a nice Sunday, and you got two flat tires. I spent $150 before breakfast," said area resident Jesus Jimenez.

Police say almost two dozen cars were damaged between midnight and 6 a.m. Sunday.

While some residents relied on their spare tires, most vehicles had more than one tire slashed.

One woman's morning plans changed immediately after she walked out of her house.

"We were going to go out to breakfast. We came out like, 'Oh, it's a nice day. Everyone's out.' Then, we realized that everyone was looking at their tires," said resident Christina Lopez.

Neighbors say they have no idea who would have caused such damage. Police say they are investigating the cases as criminal damage to property. Police reports were left on individual cars.

"It was kind of scary because kids, or whoever it was, are running around with a knife," Lopez said.

"It's unbelievable what people would do," said Jimenez. "We don't know if it was kids, or people just drinking for Halloween and having a good time. It's ridiculous what we have to go through now."

Police say they continue to investigate the crimes. Some of the residents were seen trying to change their slashed tires Sunday night.

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