Dentist makes mouthguards for NFL players

November 4, 2009 (CHICAGO) Dr. John Kelly's office is near Devon and Central, and he specializes in what he calls the art and architecture of the mouth. So even though he does general dentistry, he also does much more.

Now the restorative and neuromuscular dentist is suddenly gaining national fame, and it's because he also makes the PPM Mouthguard -- Pure Power Mouthguard. They even talked about it on ESPN's "Monday Night Football."

It seems impossible but the undefeated New Orleans Saints insist they play better when wearing the PPM, which were made by Kelly -- one of the few dentists in the country making the device.

"It's a mouthguard that realigns how your head is balanced on your spine," Kelly said. "It relaxes the muscles of the head, face and neck. We register that position with a light material between your teeth. And from that bite position we create the mouthpiece."

The testing takes about an hour. The whole thing is computerized because the measurements are very critical and every patient is so very different. But can this really make you a better athlete?

"It releases your potential," Kelly said.

Some of the Bears are starting to wear the PPM. Linebacker Jamar Williams is a believer.

"I started using it because of my teammates Danieal Manning and Tommie Harris," Williams said. "I just wanted to find an extra edge and so far it's helped me with endurance, strength and preventing injuries."

Kelly said smaller versions actually make for better, more relaxed athletes in all sports. But what's the cost?

"The professional model is usually around $2,000," Kelly said.

But for the amateurs trimmed down PPM goes for about $1,200.

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