2 pounds raclette cheese with rind


1 ½ pounds new red potatoes, boiled

1 pound Black Forest ham, sliced

One 8-ounce jar cornichons, drained

One 8 ounce jar tiny pickled onions, drained

Freshly grated nutmeg and pepper, and kosher salt

Cut the cheese so that it fits into the cheese trays and so that it melts easily, such as 4 x 2 inch rectangles that are ¼ inch thick.

Place the sliced cheese on a serving platter along with the ham, cornichons, and onions. The boiled potatoes can be left in a casserole dish with a lid to keep them warm. Put the nutmeg, salt, and pepper in little piles on a separate dessert plate. Use a raclette maker to melt the cheese according to the manufacturer's directions. Have your guests and family assemble their plates as follows:

Place some potatoes on a plate, top with melted cheese and smash together.

Add some ham, cornichons, and onions to the plate.

Sprinkle everything with nutmeg, salt, and pepper.

Enjoy every forkful!

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