Keep Your Home Safe During The Holidays

November 25, 2009 In fact, the holiday season is also fire season! The key to avoiding unnecessary house fires this time of year is to increase your awareness. Fortunately, there are several safety precautions that you can take to help safeguard your holiday decorations so they only bring merriment and not disaster!

Follow these additional tips from Best Restorations of Chicago to help you keep your home safe this holiday season.

    Make Sure Your Christmas Tree Isn't Dry
  • Don't purchase your tree too early – The longer you have it, the dryer and more flammable it will become.
  • When purchasing your tree, find the freshest one available
  • Give plenty of water to ensure it doesn't dry out
  • Make sure the tree isn't by any heat or flames and keep it well away from the fireplace.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher nearby!
    Burn Holiday Candles Responsibly
  • December is the most dangerous month for candle fires, with almost twice the number of home candle fires of an average month.
  • Never leave a room with a candle still burning
  • Declare all bedrooms "no candle" zones.
  • Keep candles well away from any items that can catch fire, including cloth, books, paper, curtains, Christmas tree, and decorations.
  • Place candles in sturdy holders, away from spots where they could be knocked over by children or pets.
  • Keep exits clear of decorations. Be sure everyone in your home knows your fire escape routes and that there is nothing blocking these exits.
    Keep Your Chimney Safe from Fire Hazards
  • Dirty chimneys are susceptible to fires that, at their worst, can destroy homes and kill the inhabitants.
  • Green, or unseasoned, firewood contains a lot more moisture than seasoned wood. The resulting smoke is cooler, and cooler smoke is more likely to come out of its gaseous state, condensing on the inside of the chimney and forming creosote.
  • It helps to have good currents of air to lift the smoke out of the chimney before it condenses. If the fireplace can't draw air in freely, this interrupts the flow and, again, creosote forms. Closing the fireplace's glass doors or not opening the damper all the way are the main ways in which air supply gets restricted

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