Mayor denies reports of Daley-Stroger feud

December 16, 2009 4:31:36 AM PST
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley disputed reports that he and Cook County Board President Todd Stroger are feuding.If they are feuding, it would end a longtime friendship between their families.

The mayor endorsed stringer's 2006 candidacy for board president and campaigned for him. Stroger wants a second term and is running in the Democratic primary. This time Daley hasn't endorsed anyone, saying he hasn't made up his mind. Stroger wasn't available for comment.

But, while visiting La Rabida Children's Hospital Tuesday, the mayor denied that he and Stroger are feuding.

"No, I just saw him Friday, and there's-- I spoke highly of him, and he was there. No, I don't have any animosity or anything," the mayor said Tuesday.

Helping fuel speculation of a Daley-Stroger rift is a new study by the University of Illinois at Chicago. It shows that on 14 key issues the mayor's brother John, who is the county board's finance chairman, voted Stroger's way only half the time.