Retailers use social networking sites to boost sales

December 23, 2009 (CHICAGO) If you want to get the attention of techie shoppers, social media is the way to go.

"It's better than phone or mail. Nobody checks their mail anymore," said Victor Gallegos.

Techie Target shoppers know they can be ahead of the game if they check their social media before they go shopping.

Target offers its Twitter followers special discounts. Saving the shoppers money and bringing in business to the store.

"If we're taking markdowns on a category, the twitter follower will find out first. They get knowledge of some of the deals real early," said Lee Crum, Target.

"It's like a friend is talking to you but it's a company. That's what Facebook has done. It makes the company your friend," said James Borow, Focused Labs C.E.O.

James Borow is the CEO of Focused Labs - specializing in social media retailing. They see more businesses looking for non traditional ways to connect with customers.

"In the future this is a great time to develop goodwill with the consumer," said Borow.

Some shops in the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce are using new media to bring in shoppers.

"All She Wrote" is a stationary and gift store sending email and blogs about specials sales.

The owner is considering using social media too.

Terry Dason is the Director of the Winnetka Chamber of Commerce. She said their members will have to find ways to incorporate social media to survive.

"From the teenagers to the twenty somethings into their 30's if you're not on board you're gonna lose a lot of business," said Dason.

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