Chicago woman's death likely first 2010 murder

January 3, 2010 3:47:14 PM PST
Chicago police say the death of 61-year-old Joyce Fulguim is likely the first Chicago homicide in 2010.The woman's body was found in her home in the 11000-block of South Lowe on the city's South Side.

"[She was] just wonderful. I'm certainly going to miss her," said Fulguim's friend and neighbor for 38 years Medeira Orr.

It appears Fulguim was the victim of a violent home invasion.

Orr, her husband, and another close friend made the gruesome discovery around 4 p.m. Saturday after they repeatedly rang Fulguim's doorbell and got no answer.

"I shouldn't have, but I did follow them into the bedroom, and she was found on the floor beside her bed," Orr said.

The woman was found unresponsive with signs of blunt trauma to the head in the home she once shared with her parents.

Police later discovered that one of the home's doors had been kicked in and several items, including the woman's vehicle, were gone.

Hours later, officers recovered Fulguim's 1998 Jeep Wrangler.

Authorities were questioning a man and a woman early Sunday morning.

News of Fulguim's murder shocked the many members of her church family who learned of her slaying during service Sunday.

"I hadn't hear of any ill feelings toward her or [that] anyone had mentioned anything or came around with threats or any of that," church member Izella Jackson said.

Neighbors say Fulguim worked most recently at the United Negro College Fund before quitting to care for her elderly parents. Her mother died a few years ago. Her father passed away in October at the age of 104.

"Joyce and the family have been members of Blackwell for about 60 or 70 years. So, they will be missed," said Ron Johson.

Sunday, Medeira Orr was remembering her friend as loving and giving.

"She's surely going to be missed in my life," said Orr said.

Police had not said Sunday if any other items belonging to the victim had been recovered.

Investigators continued to question two people Sunday evening but had not said what, if any, their involvement was with the incident.