LG introducing 3-D TVs in May; no exact price yet

January 6, 2010 3:30:08 PM PST
3-D is coming to your television. 3-D television sets will soon be in stores and several networks including ESPN will provide 3-D programming. What's being done to prepare for this new wave in entertainment? ABC 7's Leah Hope has more.

"Avatar" watchers say the 3-D was extraordinary. Some are ready for a new wave of 3-D viewing at home.

"I love it," said Fei Chen. "It's the second time I watched this movie. I would like to have 3-D TV at home."

"It would be awesome just to see it in home instead of having to come here," said Christian White.

3-D is becoming more accessible with more programming and televisions that are 3-D enabled. ESPN will launch a 3-D network in the summer and other 3-D channels are in the works.

In Chicago's Loop, students at Flashpoint Academy are learning to use the technology -- not only to make action more exciting, but to make the experience richer.

"Even if it's a dramatic scene between two characters, you're gonna feel like you're sitting there watching them do this, talk or cry, it doesn't have to be an explosion," said Perry Harovas, Flashpoint Academy of Media Art & Sciences.

Harovas is the chairman of animation and visual effects at Flashpoint. He explains that one eye sees one thing and the other sees another. Watching through the 3-D glasses, the two perspectives make the image more lifelike.

"When you see those images it's like you're seeing them with your own eyes, because we're limiting what one eye sees and what the other eye sees," said Harovas.

Harovas is preparing his students to work in 3-D as the demand for programming will only increase.

While some are eager for more 3-D, some Chicagoans are okay limiting 3-D to only special viewings.

"It'd be great, but not for more than a couple of hours at a time, because it's disorienting," said Jafer Hasnain. "You're not sure if the hand is really in front of you or it's on the screen."

"At home I don't think you get the same effect. In the home you get the big screen, the surround sound. The theatre is worth coming out and bringing your family out. Keep it in the theatre," said Mark Clark.

Companies often show off their newest and coolest stuff at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. It's happening this week and already we've heard from several manufacturers who announced their new 3-D TVs.

Wednesday, LG says its new 3-D televisions will be about $200-$300 more than comparable TVs without 3-D.

You can expect the price for the latest and greatest will be a bit pricier until the excitement wears off.