Deadly stabbing on Edens Expressway

January 15, 2010 8:56:38 PM PST
Police are conducting an investigation into a deadly stabbing on the Edens expressway Friday. A truck driver was killed.Traffic was reopened Friday evening just before 4 p.m. Earlier in the day, traffic had been backed up between Dempster and Tower Road as authorities investigated the scene.

Police tell ABC7 they are conducting a death investigation into a possible altercation that took place on the Edens expressway Friday morning and could have led to the stabbing.

The victim is described as a truck driver believed to be in his 40s. He died Friday morning from his wounds. A motorist reported seeing him lying on the ground outside the truck on the shoulder of the Edens near Tower Road.

Authorities found the victim bleeding and unresponsive when they arrived.

"The Illinois State Police was advised of a motorist who had appeared to have suffered stab wounds on the right-hand shoulder," said Luis Gutierrez of the llinois State Police Department.

The man was reportedly on the ground in the far left lane at mile marker 31. Police say he was alone and unresponsive and had suffered a number of cuts to the chest and leg. Officers say the injuries looked like stab wounds.

Witnesses reported seeing an altercation.

"It appears it stemmed from an altercation that occurred on the shoulder between that driver who was driving the truck and another driver of a semi tractor trailer," Gutierrez said.

The victim was transported to Highland hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police are asking for help in finding the offender as they continue their death investigation.

"At this time, we're trying to locate who that other driver is. We don't have any information on that driver, and we're asking for the public's help. If they drove by this incident and observed that truck or observed the altercation at any time this morning at 10:42, we are asking motorists to contact the Illinois State Police," said Gutierrez.

ABC7 is told the victim is from Sparta, Wis., and he was driving a truck from Arcadia, Wis. The man reportedly had just left a load in Peotone and was on his way home when witnesses reported the altercation.