Cubs fans welcomed to annual convention

January 15, 2010 5:29:39 PM PST
How about some warm thoughts of summer? The annual Cubs convention opened in Chicago Friday.While the current Cubs stars were getting a lot of attention, so was the team's newest hall of famer, Andre Dawson.

There was no question that Dawson was the center of attention at the convention.

Although, last season was a disappointment for many Cubs fans, the 25th annual Cubs Convention still sold out in a matter of minutes, and that was even before the announcement last week that Dawson had enough votes to join the Hall of Fame.

At the convention, fans showered Andre "the Hawk" Dawson with a huge ovation when he was introduced along with other current and former players attending.

For fans, the convention is a way to break up the winter and look forward to the baseball season. It's also an opportunity to look back at some of the Cubs teams of the 1980s as they celebrate Dawson's great career.

Although Dawson spent the first decade of his career in Montreal, Cubs fans are hoping to see him enshrined in Cooperstown wearing a "C" on his cap.

"It's great. We're so happy for him. He's so deserving. We'd love for him to be inducted as a Cub, and it's wonderful he took the time to come here today," said Laura Ricketts, Cubs, Board of Directors.

When asked who was the main person he wanted to meet, one young Cubs fan said, "Probably Andre Dawson because he got in the Hall of Fame."

"The fact he's in the Hall of Fame is long overdue. He's one of the classiest individuals I've met and so well-deserved," said Cubs television announcer Len Kasper.

Dawson had not an opportunity to speak with the media Friday afternoon, but he was expected to have that chance later in the evening. He was also expected to be at the convention all weekend. That's good news for all of the fans looking forward to getting autographs.

The other big story at the convention was that the new owners of the Cubs team, The Ricketts family, was introduced to big applause. They were set to meet with fans for the first time at a session Saturday.