Jackson to join doctors in Haiti, pushes for relief

January 16, 2010 8:15:30 PM PST
Chicago-based RainbowPUSH Coalition President Jesse Jackson says he will soon travel with doctors and nurses to earthquake-ravaged Haiti.Jackson said he was not sure when he would leave for Haiti. However, he said a medical group, including some individuals who joined him at a Saturday news conference, would fly to Haiti Tuesday.

Jackson also appealed for contributions and asked drug companies to donate medicine.

However, he stressed that Haitians need much more than short-term aid.

"We need to use this moment, "A," to bring relief and rescue, but also for reconstruction. Our nation, being so wealthy and so blessed-- with a neighbor being so poor-- is somewhat disgraceful. So, we reach out to our Congress and our president to think comprehensively about a plan for reconstruction," Jackson said.

He added that 85 percent of Haitians are Catholics, and he urged Pope Benedict to call for worldwide support for Haiti.