Busy Sunday for U.S. Senate candidates

January 17, 2010 4:26:36 PM PST
In the race for the U.S Senate seat once held by Pres. Barack Obama, Illinois Sec. of State Jesse White and several Chicago area school teachers joined forces Sunday to endorse Alexi Giannoulias in the Democratic primary.During the event at the Ariel Community Academy, Giannoulias unveiled a plan to promote research and development at American colleges and universities.

Giannoulias also introduced a program to recruit new teachers with a focus on math and science.

Also Sunday, one of Giannoulias' opponents in the Senate race, Cheryle Jackson, put forth a jobs plan.

Jackson says she wants to create incentives for job creation among small businesses and to redirect tax breaks away from multi-national corporations and toward firms committed to local job creation in the United States.

Jackson says her experience as head of the Urban League gives her insight into helping local economies recover from economic hardship.

In addition to Giannoulias, Jackson faces fellow candidates Jacob Meister, David Hoffman and Robert Marshall in the Democratic primary.