Bets being taken on Obama tie, speech length

January 27, 2010 6:19:48 AM PST
There are a lot of critically important issues at stake during Wednesday night's State of the Union address.But apparently for some people, there are some pretty trivial issues as well. A leading Irish bookie is taking bets on President Barack Obama's speech.

According to odds makers, the speech is expected to be 51 to 53 minutes. And gamblers can put money on that time, at 9-4 odds.

The color of his tie is also game. Red is the odds-on favorite at 11-10.

And when it comes to phrases, "health care reform" has the lead at 4-1, followed by "as I stand here today," "fundamental belief" and "God bless America."

If you want to bet on a long-shot, try "let's get ready to rumble" and "I won't seek re-election." Both are 250-1.