ABC7 celebrates Black History Month with news, programming and vignettes

January 29, 2010 12:46:38 PM PST
ABC 7 Chicago celebrates Black History Month with special news reports, programming and vignettes during the month of February.

An original presentation of HEART & SOUL, ABC 7's new series that taps into the essence of Chicago's African American community, will air Saturday, February 27 at 6:00 pm. This edition of HEART & SOUL, co-hosted by ABC 7's Jim Rose and Karen Jordan, is devoted to the people and organizations in Chicago who are making history themselves as the program highlights Black History Month. An encore broadcast airs Saturday, March 13th at 4:30 pm. HEART & SOUL is produced by Rubye Wilson.

Beginning February 1st and throughout Black History Month, ABC 7 will air a series of vignettes showcasing people and organizations in Chicago who are making a difference in the community. The vignettes will spotlight Dr. Robert Stacher, a Chicago orthopedic surgeon, who made history when he traveled to space in November 2009; the Dimechild organization, providing services to at-risk students through an emphasis in education and values; and Tabitha's House Community Services, an organization offering shelter, job training and medical support for families in need.

Additional programs featured on ABC 7 Chicago during Black History Month include:

SATURDAY JANUARY 30 AND FEBRUARY 6 at 12:30 PM--KNOW YOUR HERITAGE--Hosted by Gregory Alan Williams ("Remember the Titans"). This Jeopardy-style program acknowledges contributions of African Americans in an entertaining quiz show fashion. Historic Black College & University (HBCU) students from around the country participate in an exciting competition as they showcase their knowledge of history. Scholarships are awarded to participating teams.

SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 7 at 11:30 AM--NOBEL PEACE PRIZE CONCERT The Norwegian Nobel Committee hosts the Nobel Peace Prize Concert each year in honor of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate of the year. Artists from all over the world gathered in Oslo Spektrum to help spread the message of peace and celebrate the Nobel Peace Prize Laureate of 2009, Barack H. Obama.

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13 at 12:30 PM--AFRICAN AMERICAN SHORT FILMS--This special program spotlights short films made by African Americans that range from comedy to drama and all the shades in-between. The films are the voices and images of contemporary life in the African American community. "Ties that Bind," is a dramatic short film based on a true story. It is written and directed by Angelina Gibbs and stars her mother Marla Gibbs, and her good friend, actress Karen Malina-White. "The Porter" spans three generations of a family growing from struggle to freedom. Finally, "Weigh Money," depicts the turn around in a man's life as we see him mature from a child to an adult.