Unions say CTA job cuts to be implemented

February 3, 2010 3:49:55 PM PST
The unions representing Chicago Transit Authority employees say there's no agreement to stop this weekend's scheduled transit layoffs and cuts. Because of a nearly $100 million budget deficit, more than 1,000 CTA employees will lose their jobs Sunday.

At a press conference Wednesday, the union said an arbitration agreement denied their request to have layoffs take place based on seniority. They say unless the state or federal government can step in to provide emergency transit funding cuts will go ahead as planned.

"We have prided ourselves in having world-class transit and come Sunday, world-class transit in the city of Chicago will no longer exist," said Darrell Jefferson, Amalgamated Transit Union.

The CTA says because of the cuts, some busses and trains will run less frequently and nine express bus routes will be eliminated.