Chicago, Evanston get $116M in stimulus money

February 5, 2010 7:18:35 PM PST
Evanston and the city of Chicago are sharing $116 million in federal stimulus funding to help rebuild neighborhoods.Sen. Dick Durbin, along with other elected officials, toured Grey Avenue in Evanston Friday to get a first-hand look at the homes that will be directly impacted by the money.

Evanston is getting $18 million, which will be used to buy boarded up and vacant homes, remodel them, and turn them into affordable homes for rent or sale.

"We are going to change the 2nd, 5th and the 8th wards, and they are going to be wards that people fight to come to. They are going to represent the American dream, and it is going to happen very soon," said Elizabeth Tisdahl, Evanston mayor.

Chicago's share of the grant is $98 million.