Family sues after fatal car crash

February 8, 2010 2:59:13 PM PST
The parents of a toddler killed in a car crash last week have filed a civil suit after the suspect was released on bond.On February 1, Amy Alanis and Joshua Molina's 13-month-old son, also named Joshua, and two friends- Orlando Rodriguez and Aldo Maldonado- were killed in a car crash. Police said the suspect in the fatal crash, Putiporn Kaewmooka, was fleeing the scene of another accident when he struck Molina's car. Kaewmooka was charged in both crashes and given five citations. He has since been released on bond.

"He brought laughter and joy to our lives," said Amy Alanis, Joshua's mother. "What a senseless act that has taken him from us."

Alanis and Molina have filed a civil lawsuit in the case.

"Not only was he driving too fast. He was driving in the wrong lanes, and in the middle of the night he didn't have his lights on. This conduct goes way beyond simple negligence. It's a reckless disregard for human life," said Timothy Cavanagh, Molina and Alanis's attorney

"It just kills me inside that I had to lose my only son and two best friends for no reason," said Molina.

Alanis said she and her fiancé want justice.

"We just want him to pay for what he did. That's it. He shouldn't be out on the streets," said Alanis.

"We don't feel that this man has been charged with the appropriate citations or crimes. He has just been charged with traffic citations right now," said Cavanagh

Cavanagh has asked a nearby car dealership for surveillance video from the scene.