Cusack, Fidelity celebrate music in CPS

February 9, 2010 3:42:41 PM PST
A celebration of music education at a high school in Chicago was simulcast with three other cities Tuesday.The Fidelity Future Stage program took place today at Kenwood Academy High School on the city's South Side. There were simulcast programs from Boston, Houston, and Los Angeles, where actor Jamie Foxx participated.

New musical instruments worth $100,000 were donated to four Chicago public schools. Chicago native and actress Joan Cusack was a guest at Kenwood Academy. She encouraged the students to celebrate music in their lives.

"Listening and playing and having music be part of your life is so important. It is equally as important as listening to yourself. So I may not look like Lady Gaga but I have a similar message: Celebrate who you are," said Cusack.

Fidelity Future Stage donated $500,000 in new musical instruments for public schools around the country.