Snow ends, cleanup continues

February 10, 2010 2:58:18 PM PST
As Chicago digs out from the biggest snow storm of the season, officials are urging drivers and sidewalk clearers to be careful.The snow in Illinois subsided Wednesday, but only after dumping a record-breaking 13 inches. The north and northwest suburbs-- Lake, DuPage and McHenry counties -- were the hardest hit.

It was slow going on the roads across the area. Officials are warning drivers to be careful.

"It is the blowing of the snow back on the pavement once we clean them off that is causing slick spots with the temperatures where they're at, so people still need to be cautious and take extra time, even though it looks clear, it's not, and we'll continue with it as long as it takes," said Ill. Dept. of Transportation spokesman Carmen Iacullo.

Iacullo asked drivers to be cautious around and give room to plow drivers.

"These are brig pieces of equipment," Iacullo said. "The guys are doing the best they can with the plow on the front end. Give them as much room as you can and try to avoid them."

Chicago's Department of Streets and Sanitation had its full fleet of 275 trucks on the main roads overnight.

"We still have high winds, which means we will be looking at some blowing and drifting and existing snow throughout the day," said Commissioner Thomas Byrne, Streets & Sanitation Department

Those side streets were finished by 2:30 p.m. Wednesday, according to Byrne.

"It would be nice if they plowed it more often. It seems like it is one of the last streets done in the neighborhood usually," said Demitre, resident. "The hard part is when you finally get all the cars uncovered, and then- it never fails- like about 15, 20 minutes later, a snowplow comes by and blocks them all back in again."

Several drivers said they had trouble getting through.

"There is no way around," said Leo Zuniga, Chicago resident.

Officials are warning residents to be careful while shoveling. At least two people have died while clearing sidewalks and digging out cars.

On Tuesday, William Carroll, 53, had a heart attack after shoveling in front of his apartment in the 5400-block of School Street in Portage Park, where he lived with his mother.

" The ambulance came and they tried to work on him. Whatever they did, we got him so they took him to the hospital and it was Our Lady of Nazareth Hospital and then I was called to go and after a while he was dead," said Georgene Ingram, Carroll's mother. "He was a good man. He didn't smoke. He didn't drink. He was taking care of me."

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