List of Toyota recalls and affected vehicles

February 10, 2010 8:23:32 AM PST
Toyota's recall of eight car and truck models over potentially sticky gas pedals, which affects 2.3 million U.S. vehicles:

2009-10 Corolla

2009-10 Matrix

2005-10 Avalon

2007-10 Camry

2010 Highlander

2007-10 Tundra

2008-10 Sequoia

2009-10 RAV4

Toyota's recall of models due to gas-pedal entrapment under floor mats, which affects 5.3 million U.S. vehicles:

2007-2010 Camry

2005-2010 Avalon

2004-2009 Prius

2005-2010 Tacoma

2007-2010 Tundra

2008-2010 Highlander

2009-2010 Corolla

2009-2010 Venza

2009-2010 Matrix

2007-2010 Lexus ES350

2006-2010 Lexus IS250/IS350

2009-2010 Pontiac Vibe (built by a joint venture between Toyota and General Motors Co.)

The following models, encompassing 1.7 million vehicles, are affected by both recalls:

2005-10 Avalon

2007-10 Camry

2007-10 Tundra

Toyota's recall of hybrids with brakes that seem to fail momentarily, which affects 147,500 U.S. vehicles.

2010 Prius

2010 Lexus HS250h

Toyota's recall to check a power-steering hose that may be in contact with a brake tube, potentially creating a hole in the tube, leading to loss of brake fluid and longer stopping distances. The recall affects 7,300 U.S. vehicles.

2010 Camry

Source: Toyota Motor Corp.