Celeb chef Art Smith turns 50

March 1, 2010 8:37:38 PM PST
Celebrity chef Art Smith celebrated his 50th birthday Monday.

A special brunch was held in Chicago Monday morning at David Barton Gym, 600 W. Chicago Ave. in Chicago.

Smith has lost 90 pounds since last year. He works out at the gym regularly. He said he's excited about a $250,000 birthday gift from Oprah Winfrey to Common Threads, Smith's non-profit agency. He said he plans to put the money to good use by helping children eat healthier.

"I said to Ms. Winfrey, 'Why don't we take this and use it to create healthy programming that mirrors the vision of the first lady's program, with her active program?'" Smith said. "And she said, 'What a great idea.' Several of our locations in Washington were chosen by the first lady, her program. So we're going to be putting this wonderful program from the gift Oprah gave us, and we'll be able to take that wonderful gift and spread it across America."

Smith's birthday celebration continued Monday night at Soldier Field. Proceeds benefit Common Threads.