Englewood Flyover to eliminate rail bottleneck

March 5, 2010 4:29:07 PM PST
Ground was broken today on a new rail project on Chicago's South Side that's expected to bring 1500 jobs to Illinois.

Mayor Daley attended the ceremony at 63rd and State.

It's the site of the Englewood Flyover, a bridge designed to eliminate a bottleneck that delays Amtrak and Metra rail service to and from Chicago.

Senator Dick Durbin said the Englewood Flyover project will have a significant impact locally and nationally.

"We are going to put 1450 people to work with jobs and good paying jobs right here in this city in this community and in the process were gonna make train traffic more efficient," said Durbin.

The Englewood Flyover is being paid for with $133-million in federal funding.