Full-body scanner demonstration at O'Hare

March 14, 2010 9:06:53 PM PDT
The first of those controversial scanners has been installed at O'Hare.

It went in at United's Terminal One.

Monday, workers with the Transportation Security Administration will demonstrate how the scanner's advanced imaging technology works.

Last week, the city's aviation commissioner, Rosemarie Andolino, wouldn't say when it would be operational. She said it was up to the TSA, which still had to test the machines and train workers to use them.

"The TSA is working through their training right now so they can fully execute this in a manner that adheres to the safety we need and continue to provide at our airports, as well as acknowledging the inconvenience to the customers," said Andolino.

To protect customers' privacy, the person seeing the image will not be able to see the person going through the scanner.